IZ*ONE’s Former Yabuki Nako Shocks With Risqué Acting Scene In Japanese Drama

She certainly grew up!

Yabuki Nako is known for her cute and bubbly image. During her time in IZ*ONE, her petite stature and doe-eyed look swept up many fans.

Nako in IZ*ONE.

Now, Nako is back in her home country and working on her acting career. She’s currently starring in the J-Drama 18-sai, Niizuma, Furin Shimasu. The drama is stars Ryusei Fujii as Kou Fujimiya. He works as a salesman and bodyguard for the Sanji Group. He guards the chaiman’s only child, Meika Sanjo (played by Nako). Meika’s parents push her to marry, but Meika wants to marry for love. She turns to Kou and asks him to enter a contract marriage with her. They will be allowed to date other people and have affairs. Kou accepts, as he is secretly in love with Meika.

A scene from the drama startled fans for its more mature theme. Here, Meika tries to give in to Kou, bravely offering to sleep with him.

Kou acts like he takes her up on the offer, and moves to kiss her.

As they fall to the bed, Meika convinces herself that she can do it for Kou’s sake.

Her fear is apparent.

Kou chides her for trying to do something she isn’t ready for and the scene ends with Meika thanking Kou for understanding.

Catch the full scene below.

Although there ultimately was no exposure in the scene, the 180 away from her original cute image was enough to shock fans. The lines Nako delivered were also on the risqué side, discussing how “kissing and hugging could make Kou horny.”

On the other hand, other fans defended her choices as a grown adult.

The drama was pivotal to her career as an actress as it is her first main role.

Nako’s acting chops certainly have been proven with the drama! Her dedication to the craft also enabled her to shy away from her innocent image. Well done!