Jaden Smith announces he’ll drop a K-Pop single within 4 months

Jaden Smith has announced he will be releasing a K-Pop single within the next four months.

Hollywood actor Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, has announced on Twitter that he has plans to drop a K-Pop single in the next four months, and it seems that he’s serious about it.

Late last year, he made it clear that one of his top goals for 2017 was to become a K-Pop star by posting several tweets to show his fans how passionate he was about this dream.

He even tweeted that BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon was his inspiration, to which G-Dragon kindly replied by saying that it was a pleasure seeing him, and suggested that they work on something together in the future.

While more and more K-Pop artists are working toward their goal of debuting in the United States, it’s interesting to see that Jaden Smith is finding ways to enter the Korean market.