Jae Shows His Continued Love For DAY6 In A Sincere Message About The Group

He showed he still thinks the world of them.

JYP Entertainment announced that Jae (also known by his soloist stage name eaJ) was no longer a part of the band DAY6 on December 31, 2021. Jae confirmed the statement in a personal live stream but added he had talked to his members and would likely rejoin them on stage one day.

Since then, Jae has been focusing on his solo career while the members of DAY6 released their seventh extended play titled The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos Swallowed Up in Love. All of the band’s members, SungjinYoung K, Dowoon, and Wonpil, also enlisted for their mandatory military service.

Jae performing his single “Car Crash” | eaJ/YouTube

MyDays, DAY6’s official fandom, have been looking for signs of a reunion between all 5 members ever since. Some pointed out that the release of a new DAY6 product included images of 5 members, which could be a sign of an OT5 comeback.

Although there haven’t been any concrete plans or announcements made, Jae made it clear he still fully supports his former bandmates in a tweet replying to a thread that condemned fans of DAY6 who said the band was “Nothing without Jae.

Fans showed their support by replying to his tweet, assuring Jae that they supported him and DAY6 even when they were apart.

Jae has been a part of the annual Head In The Clouds Festival lineup this 2022 and is slated to many an appearance again at the concert’s final stop in Manila, Philippines.


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