God Works Hard But NCT’s Jaehyun Works Harder … Fans Are Concerned Over His Tough Schedules

He’s been so booked and busy!

NCT‘s Jaehyun has been killing it recently, with his busy schedules. He even was number 3 on individual boy group rankings for November 2020. However, fans are getting concerned for his health as he has been working without rest the past month.

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A look at this schedule for late October to mid-November shows that he has been working non-stop, with schedules almost daily. On some days, he even has multiple schedules to attend, such as on 1 November with music video filming and drama filming on the same day.

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Fans realized how overworked Jaehyun was when he replied that sleep was his sohwakhaeng, “small but sure happiness”, during a recent round of video call fan signs.

It was noted that due to his drama role, he was counting calories. During a mission on NCT WORLD 2.0, he had to eat 23 plates of sushi. However, Jaehyun was seen worrying about how to burn it off after.

Despite rough schedules, fans are thankful that he has been keeping his spirits up! He was reported to have waved and greeted fans from backstage during a drive-in concert.

It was also made known that Jaehyun greeted fans whenever they were on-site for his drama filmings in public areas.

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On this day, Jaehyun waved and greeted every fan and passersby who had loitered around the filming area on the streets.

According to a fansite, Jaehyun has schedules for work almost every other day, including his drama shoots.

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  • “Does Jaehyun have drama filming every day?”
  • “Almost…? Really, Jaehyun seems to be working every day…”

Despite his busy schedules, fans are proud that he seems to be dedicated to his work. Co-star, Park Hye Soo has even praised him for his hard work.

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She’d been impressed with how well Jaehyun was able to juggle all of his responsibilities while improving his skills as an actor. “He must be really busy with his schedules, but when I see him while practicing the script, I can see he prepared a lot.

Hopefully he isn’t too overworked! With NCT 2020‘s comeback up soon along with his drama release in 2021, Jaehyun’s a busy man! Stay tuned for more news about Resonance Part 2.

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