BTS’s Jungkook Danced To A Song On Live Stream And Now The Original Singer, Jake Miller, Wants A Collaboration

He’s been supporting BTS since 2017.

BTS‘s Jungkook has been treating fans to live streams of late. During these cozy sessions, he entertained fans by singing or talking. One of the best moments in a recent stream included him happily dancing to the song “The Girl That’s Underneath” by Jake Miller.

His energetic bunny hops were infectious, and many fans expressed the joy that he managed to bring to them with this small moment. The tiny dance soon went viral, and even the original singer, Jake Miller, caught wind of it. He reposted the video along with the caption, “Hey that’s my song.”


After his initial tweet began gaining attention from ARMY, Jake Miller went on to elaborate that he would love to have Jungkook feature on one of his songs.

As he had no way to contact the company, fans began tweeting and tagging Jungkook’s company in hopes that the two would be able to get in touch.

This is such a pity… He wants to contact Jungkook and wants to sing together but he can’t. HYBE, are you watching?

— Fan

Jake Miller was rightfully proud of the moment. He reposted the video itself…

…and also retweeted a few ARMY who talked about the moment.

Make no mistake — Jake Miller is not a clout chaser! He’s been supportive of BTS since years ago. Back in 2017, he already showed his positive outlook on BTS’s immense fame and popularity with a tweet.

Looks like another celebrity has joined ARMY!