Jang Jae In Calls Nam Taehyun an Outright Liar After His Most Recent Interview

Just a day earlier, Nam Taehyun claimed that he never actually cheated on Jang Jae In last year.

In light of Nam Taehyun‘s recent interview where he talked about Jang Jae In and how he did not cheat on her, Jang Jae In refuted his claims in angry posts on her Instagram account.

Nam Taehyun Stresses That He Never Actually Cheated on Jang Jae In in Recent Interview

Jang Jae In took to her Instagram Story to share, “Let’s live honest lives. Don’t get so hung up on the past that you lose sight of your future.


She then proceeded to add, “Everyone tells me to hold it in and not get involved, but how am I supposed to hold back when he says such dirty lies…?

Although Jang Jae In didn’t name specifically who she was talking about in her posts, many fans are speculating that it’s about her ex-boyfriend, Nam Taehyun.

Just the day before, Nam Taehyun appeared on a YouTube channel, claiming that he never cheated as Jang Jae In claimed and that they had already broken up by the time he dated other women.

Last year, Jang Jae In revealed a screenshot of a chat between Nam Taehyun and another woman, where Nam Taehyun claimed that their relationship was vague, despite Jang Jae In’s belief that they were dating.

In the chat, Nam Taehyun even flirted, “Just be honest. You’ve wanted to sleep with me, too“, causing Jang Jae In to express her rage online.

Following Jang Jae In’s exposure of Nam Taehyun’s behavior online, Nam Taehyun admitted to his faults and apologized to both Jang Jae In and the women in the chat log.


Source: Insight