Nam Taehyun Stresses That He Never Actually Cheated on Jang Jae In in Recent Interview

Nam Taehyun spoke up about his scandal with Jang Jae In last year.

Nam Taehyun and his band, South Club recently appeared on a YouTube channel to talk about their recent activities as well as Nam Tae Hyun’s past scandal with singer Jang Jae In.

Nam Taehyun’s Girlfriend Publicly Exposes Him For Cheating With Multiple Women

When the hosts brought up the cheating scandal that took place last June, Nam Taehyun stressed that he never actually cheated.

It wasn’t cheating.

– Nam Taehyun

Although he denies that he ever cheated on Jang Jae In, he confessed that he provided the cause and that he feels bad for hurting her.

But it’s true that I provided the cause for the whole thing. I dated other women after we broke up, but I feel bad for how much I hurt her.

– Nam Taehyun

Nam Taehyun also shared what changed ever since they suffered that scandal in 2019.

Through that incident, I came to understand just how precious people are, and these days, I just stay home like a Buddhist monk.

– Nam Taehyun

When asked about his current relationship with Jang Jae In, Nam Taehyun wished her the best.

I’m cheering her on as a fellow musician.

– Nam Taehyun

Last year, Jang Jae In revealed a screenshot of a chat between Nam Taehyun and another woman, where Nam Taehyun claimed that their relationship was vague, despite Jang Jae In’s belief that they were dating.

In the chat, Nam Taehyun even flirted, “Just be honest. You’ve wanted to sleep with me, too“, causing Jang Jae In to express her rage online.

Following Jang Jae In’s exposure of Nam Taehyun’s behavior online, Nam Taehyun admitted to his faults and apologized to both Jang Jae In and the women in the chat log.

Check out the full interview of South Club below:


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