Jang Won Young Look-A-Like And “Miss Trot 2” Contestant Declines All Love Calls From Companies

Her uncle explains why.

It’s been revealed that Lim Seo Won, the adorable contestant on Miss Trot 2 has rejected all the love calls she has received from big entertainment companies.

Lim Seo Won, who is the youngest contestant on the show is only 10 years old (Korean age). She quickly gained mass attention and made constant headlines after her appearance due to her resemblance to IZ*ONE‘s Jang Won Young.

IZ*ONE’s Jang Won Young | Off The Record Entertainment

With her cute visuals and her incredible talent, Lim Seo Won has not only garnered the attention of Korean netizens, but the attention of Korean entertainment companies as well. These labels have recognized her abilities and natural skills through her appearance on the show. Naturally, they have been sending her love calls so that the 10 year old can join their company as an artist. It has been revealed, however, that she has declined all the offers.

Through her YouTube channel Lim Seo Won TV, her uncle released a statement explaining why she wouldn’t be joining a company at this time.

There have been many love calls and offers received by entertainment companies for Lim Seo Won. I believe, however, that there is no reason for her to start the life of an entertainer at such an early age. It doesn’t seem right for her to go through important life growths whilst under a big entertainment company. That is why for the time being, we have declined all the offers.

— Lim Seo Won’s uncle

Lim Seo Won will only be turning 11 years old this year in Korean age. While we agree that she is incredibly talented, we hope that she’ll be able to grow up as a normal child just for the time being.

Source: Insight