Jang Wonyoung Updates Fans For The First Time Since Her COVID-19 News

She is as sweet as she looks.

Ever since Jang Wonyoung was diagnosed with COVID-19, fans have been worried about her health. What was even more so unfortunate, was that her diagnosis clashed with her birthday. She was unable to celebrate it with loved ones as she was in quarantine.

Although she had been silent since the news broke out, she took to Instagram on September 1, 2021, to convey her updates to fans. She updated her stories with an adorable snippet from Snoopy.

The subtitles on the cartoon were very positive in attitude, just like the optimistic celebrity.

  • “This morning,”
  • “The sky is blue and the sun is shining,”
  • “On such a day, could anything go wrong?”

She also penned a sweet caption for fans, “You don’t need to worry too much. I miss you.

What a lovely girl! Here’s to her speedy recovery.