Japan’s New Extra Slim “Cinderella Weight” Diet Is Highly Controversial

The ‘Cinderella weight’ calls for females to fit in the BMI of 18.

There have been a number of interesting diet trends sweeping throughout Asia. The latest one in Japan uses a mathematical formula that’s seeing increased popularity among young women called the “Cinderella weight.”

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The reference is to the fairytale princess who has a small, delicate frame and skinny waist.


The Cinderella weight (in kilograms) is calculated as Height in meters (squared) multiplied by 18.

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For example, a woman with a height of 165 centimeters, or 1.65 meters would have a “Cinderella weight” of 49 kilograms. (1.65 X 1.65 = 2.7225, 2.7225 X 18 = 49.005)


Experts at the Japan Medical Association (JMA), however, recommend a weight that is 18% higher than the “Cinderella Weight” to be healthy.

JMA states that the ideal body weight in kilograms should be equal to an individual’s height in meters squared multiplied by 22; which would out to 59.9 kilograms for the example woman above.


Not surprisingly, it seems that the “Cinderella weight” measurement has received some backlash in Japan. Take a look at some comments from Twitter:

“The young children are now aiming for the ‘Cinderella weight’, and I’m horrified.” — @nash_yhaa

“This is the chart. When you follow this, you’d only be bone and skin.” —@sinrin0k0

“The ‘Cinderella Weight’ is basically 18 in terms of BMI, which is the lowest line in regard to standard weight. It is incredibly thin. People with the ‘Cinderella weight’ don’t have their foot in a glass slipper but have a foot into malnutrition.” — @demisefgo


However, there are also those who say that there’s nothing wrong about being the “Cinderella weight”.

“I weigh less than the ‘Cinderella weight’ but my doctors tell me that I’m healthy. I’m not dieting or morbidly ill. I think it’s just because I naturally don’t gain weight. I’m normal.” — @opabunmi1344

“I weigh less than the ‘Cinderella weight’ but I don’t have anything to do with extreme dieting. I live normally. I think there a lot of people like me too.” — @_Usagi_Ra


But the one thing both parties seem to agree on is that being healthy is the most important thing.

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Source: SoraNews24