DHC Television Criticized For Bringing Up BTS Jimin’s Shirt During Recent Korea-Japan Tensions

“You just messed with the wrong group.”

DHC Television, a subsidiary of the cosmetic giant DHC, recently brought up BTS Jimin‘s shirt from years ago during their anti-Korean broadcast.


The shirt became a controversy last year when Japanese netizens criticized Jimin for wearing a shirt that allegedly held anti-Japanese government messages. The shirt’s designer had re-emphasized that the shirt is not about the atomic bomb but a celebration for the liberation day of Korea, called Gwangbok Jeol.


However, DHC has brought up the shirt controversy during their recent program where they listed alleged anti-Japanese activities by Koreans. They claimed that Jimin was cheering about the atomic bomb dropping on Japan and sending a message for Japan to reflect on their actions.

One of the BTS members wore a shirt with a design of the atomic bomb dropping on Japan. He cheered and danced around while wearing it.

This is too harsh. He is clearly sending a message, saying ‘Japan needs to reflect’. The atomic bomb is a globally sensitive topic but it’s harsh of them to cheer for it.

Koreans are happy when Japan is hit with massive earthquakes. They don’t think their actions are embarrassing.

— DHC Reporters


However, Jimin was neither seen cheering for anti-Japanese activities or claiming anything of the sort while wearing the shirt. BigHit Entertainment had even personally visited the Atomic Bomb Victim Association to personally apologize and resolve any misunderstanding regarding the shirt’s design purposes.


Many Korean netizens and K-ARMYs have begun demanding a boycott against DHC. They criticized the broadcast for “messing with” Jimin when the issue about his shirt was already resolved.


International fans have also begun criticizing DHC for bringing up old issues about Jimin while fabricating the story with false rumors.

Source: My Daily


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