Japanese Media Claims Goo Hara Confessed She Became Depressed Whenever She Was In Korea

They claimed she was completely different in Japan.

Sponichi Annex, a Japanese media company, claimed that Goo Hara once confessed that she became depressed whenever she was in Korea.

Goo Hara frequently traveled between Japan and Korea. She confessed to her peers that she ‘felt depressed’ whenever she went to Korea.

— Sponichi Annex


They also wrote that Goo Hara seemed very positive and devoted to her promotions after signing with a new Japanese company back in June of this year. They claimed it was a shock to hear of her passing in Korea.

Goo Hara was busy promoting her new song, “Midnight Queen”, in Japan. She returned to Korea for a brief period of time but was found deceased in her home in Gangnam after taking her own life.


The police have not released the specific reasons or details about her passing, and recently announced that they will not be performing an autopsy. It remains uncertain whether or not Sponichi Annex’s claims are true but many are pointing fingers at Goo Hara’s recent legal battle with her ex-boyfriend and the cruel comments left by malicious commenters.


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Source: Xports News

Goo Hara's Passing