Japanese Pornstar K-Pop Group “Honey Popcorn” Will Debut On March 21

After a few hiccups, the group will debut after all.

Amidst heavy scrutiny, the girls of Honey Popcorn will go ahead with their controversial debut.


A representative from their agency, Kyun Create, revealed that the girls will hold a media showcase and release their debut mini-album on March 21.

“The release of Honey Popcorn’s first mini album, ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo,’ has been finalized for March 21. They will also hold a showcase to announce their debut.” — Kyun Create Representative


Honey Popcorn had originally scheduled their debut fan showcase on March 14, but it was cancelled due to netizen outrage. The newly-scheduled showcase will only be for members of the press.

Girl Group Causes Outrage Because Of Nudity, Forced To Cancel Showcase


The public still does not approve of the group’s debut, with the Blue House petition to prevent their debut surpassing over 23,000 signatures.


Even though there are still some doubters about the group, there’s no doubting the members’ love for Korean culture and K-Pop.

Source: Top Star News and Media Us