Japanese Program Fabricates BTS Jimin’s Apology To Japan

K-netizens are not happy.

A Japanese television program has mentioned that BTS’ Jimin had apologized to Japan for the atomic bomb t-shirt controversy, but the statement turned out to be untrue.


On November 18, TBS’ Leave it to Akko broadcast a scene of BTS’ Tokyo Dome concert with the narration, “Jimin apologized to Japan.” The broadcast claimed that Jimin said, “I believe I worried not only our Japanese fans but fans from around the world. I am very sorry to our Japanese fans.”


According to numerous media outlets, however, what Jimin had actually said was, “I think ARMY and many people around the world could have been startled and concerned due to various circumstances. My heart hurts a lot.” Unlike what the Japanese program claimed, Jimin had apparently not apologized to the Japanese fans but rather stated that “his heart hurts”.


Korean netizens reacted strongly to the news:

  • “This broadcasting station needs to apologize asap”
  • “Japan made an issue out of BTS because of historical reasons and now they’re being humiliated internationally lol”
  • “Please stop lying already, in the past and now”
  • “Their specialty is fabricating and distorting the facts…I’m not even surprised”
  • “Liars lol”
  • “This is even more shameful”
  • “Lol this is hilarious, fabricating an apology”
  • “Japan seriously has an inferiority complex”
  • “Ok but why dub an interview? It’s not a drama or a film. Unless you wanted to fabricate something…”
  • “Why! Why can’t you leave Jimin alone??? I’m going crazy here…Stop please stop…I’m really getting sick of it”