Jay Park Claims A Female K-Pop Idol Is A Nice Person Because Of Something She Did On Stage

An A+ performance with an A+ personality!

On April 17, IVE was a guest on KBS‘s Jay Park’s Drive, where singer, rapper, and entrepreneur Jay Park noticed something about one of the member’s personalities.

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IVE, currently promoting their new album I’ve IVE, gave captivating live performances that left audience members in a trance. After their special rock version of “Love Dive,” the group introduced themselves with their catchphrase, “Dive into IVE.”

IVE members (missing Rei) | KBS Kpop/YouTube

Then Jay Park suddenly pointed out that Gaeul was nice because of their brief interaction during the “Love Dive” performance. While they were performing, Jay Park was watching from the side, and when Gaeul did a choreography part that required her to go on her knees and turn to the side, the two had eye contact.

Gaeul is so nice because I was over there watching, and normally when people look this way, they don’t say hi or anything because they’re focused on their performance—but Gaeul *bows*

— Jay Park

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Gaeul burst into laughter and then explained what was in her point of view.

I turned to the side and sunbaenim was looking at me!

— Gaeul

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Jay Park reenacted the moment one more time with a clip of Gaeul bowing right next to it.

I was just watching the performance, then Gaeul bowed so I thought to myself, ‘She’s very nice.’

— Jay Park

KBS Kpop/YouTube 

While many performers focus on their performance or look to the ground, Gaeul bowed to her sunbae during her live performance—showing her true kind personality!

Source: KBS K-Pop

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