Singer Jay Park Keeps His Promise To IU And Delivers A Fantastic Performance At Her “The Golden Hour” Concert

He came through for IU.

IU recently concluded her epic two day concert, The Golden Hour, in Jamsil, Seoul on September 18, 2022. The concert was well-worth โ‚ฉ165,000 KRW (about $119 USD), for it included not only a 3 hour concert, but a drone show, fireworks and a hot air balloon performance.

Audience members were also treated to guest performances. The first day had ITZY singing their hit tunes for the 40,000 strong crowd.

On the second day, soloist Jay Park was invited to sing for the crowd. Not only did he perform IU’s favorite song of his, “JOAH”, but he also sang their duet, “GANADARA”.

Jay Park had nothing but praise for IU. He not only gave her the highest compliment of “k-hiphop one top” but also just “one top in general.” “K-Hiphop one top” is one of IU’s most beloved nicknames from the general public, thanks to the way she always manages to top charts across genres.

Firstly, thank you so much to IU. I wanted to say that it is an honor for me. She’s so much younger than me but she’s a singer and artiste I respect a lot. I always tell this to people but it’s really not easy for someone to manage themselves so well and to be able to stay at the top position for so long, around 14 years. She does everything so perfectly, concerts and more, she’s so cool for it, and as a fellow singer, I know how hard it is and how many sacrifices you need to make for that, so I feel even more so, how amazing she is. I think that as her fans, you guys must be really happy. She’s not just the k-hiphop one top, but just one top in general.

โ€” Jay Park

But what touched fans even more was how Jay Park pushed off other commitments just to honor his promise to IU. Back in the peak of COVID-19, Jay Park had promised IU that he would come to her concert in the future, no matter what he had on. Even if he had overseas performances going on, he promised to do whatever he could to get out of it, even if it involved paying a penalty.

A little over a year later, Jay Park kept his promise.

According to a fan at the concert, IU had conveyed her thanks to Jay Park. He had a broadcast schedule but changed it just to be at the concert. He also diligently participated in the afternoon rehearsals that day.

What an impressive person! With that, fans were treated to some eargasm for sure over the weekend.