Jay Park Claims He’s Thinking Of Retiring As An Entertainer In 2022

He still hasn’t changed his mind.

In the most recent upload of 1theK Originals, Jay Park, Golden, Woogie, BIG Naughty, and TRADE L read comments from fans and gave their responses.

While reading through comments to Jay Park’s recent suggestion that he would retire in a couple of years, Jay Park himself confirmed that his thoughts remain unchanged.

He made the surprising remark,

I’m thinking of working until next year and then retire the year after that.

— Jay Park

But he stressed that although he would no longer show his face as an entertainer, he would continue to work as a CEO.

I’d continue to manage my label. Since I have the abilities, knowledge, and network of the industry, I’d continue to do that. But I won’t come out to film content, music videos, go on TV, or model for magazines. That’s what I’m retiring from.

— Jay Park

Back in July, Jay Park hinted on his thoughts to retire on his official Instagram account.

And before that, he took to Twitter to reveal that he wished to retire in a couple of years.

Although fans and fellow artists don’t want to believe it, it appears Jay park’s thoughts remain unchanged.

Fans are reacting to the confession with comments such as “Retirement makes no sense for Jay Park“, “Please keep working“, and “I still can’t believe it“.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight