Jay Park Goes Viral For His Response To A Fan’s Medical Emergency During His Daegu WATERBOMB Festival Performance

His reaction showcases his true personality.

Soloist Jay Park was recently the headlining performer at the WATERBOMB Festival in Daegu. This marks Jay Park’s third year performing for the popular music festival after performing in 2018 and 2019.

Jay Park | @ALYAOMG0425/Pinterest

Jay Park treated fans to an impressive show, performing his hit songs like “MOMMAE,” “GANADARA,” and “Solo.” For his fan-favorite performance of “MOMMAE,” he was joined by dance crews MVP and HolyBang, giving fans an unforgettable performance.

The crowd loved the song, but Jay Park seems to have grown tired of performing the popular song as he later captioned a video of the performance jokingly asking fans when they would be sick of the song.

During his performance, he actively engaged with the audience, even jumping off stage to join fans in the crowd. One lucky fan caught the moment he approached them on camera, giving them a VIP view of the show.

Aside from getting recognition for his performance, he went viral for a completely different reason.

While performing his song “Solo,” Jay Park spotted someone who had passed out in the crowd. Instead of continuing to sing, he called for the music to be stopped and pointed out where the person was to ensure they received help.

Afterward, Jay Park addressed the incident on his Instagram story, confirming that he checked on the fan’s condition after his performance and was glad to report they were doing better.

Those who came to the Daegu WATERBOMB  looked a little tired, but thank you for staying excited until the end! 🙏❤️ Stay healthy, be happy, and get home safely. FYI, fortunately, I was told that the person who collapsed has regained consciousness and is doing better! Fighting!

— Jay Park

Jay Park’s Instagram story | @moresojuplease/Instagram

Videos of the moment went viral as fans applauded his response to the medical emergency. As he waited to ensure the person received help, he encouraged the audience to stay hydrated before continuing his performance.

His professional response made multiple headlines in Korea as he was acknowledged for his assistance and kind reaction.

Jay Park is not the only celebrity to stop their performance for a fan to receive help. Eric Nam was praised for his response in June when a medical emergency occurred at his concert in Belgium.

BTS‘s Jimin also stopped his performance during BTS’s Chicago concert in 2018 when a fan fainted, showcasing his concern while they received medical attention.

The topic of artists’ responses to a medical emergency at their shows has been increasingly spoken about recently. These artists are the prime example of how to respond to the situation with compassion and professionalism.

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