JBJ95’s Label Refutes Former Topp Dogg Member (Seogoong) Park Hyun Ho’s Bullying Claims

They got YouTube to remove the interview video.

It has just been revealed that the interview recently released by former Topp Dogg member Park Hyun Ho (stage name Seogoong) has been removed at the request of Star Road Entertainment.

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A few days ago, former boy group member and current trot singer, Park Hyun Ho sat down with Idol Olympics on YouTube to talk about his experience as an idol. It was during this interview that the former Topp Dogg member cautiously revealed a moment when he felt bullied by his members. After the release of the interview, however, JBJ95‘s agency reached out to the YouTube channel and asked for the video’s removal. Why you may ask? Kim Sang Gyun, who is a member of JBJ95, was a former member of Topp Dogg.

| Star Road Entertainment

Star Road Entertainment provided an explanation behind their decision after the video in question was removed.

We went through a thorough verification process about the topic that was mentioned in the YouTube video. Afterwards, we concluded that the content of the video was different from what actually happened. After this conclusion, we formally asked for the removal of the video and the channel honored our request.

— Star Road Entertainment

| Star Road Entertainment

They continued with their explanation to express their firm stance on those who spread false information.

We plan on responding strongly to false information as well as the act of distributing false information about our artists. We will not settle.

— Star Road Entertainment

Topp Dogg was a 13 member boy group launched by Cho PD back in 2013. Throughout the years, however, members withdrew themselves from the team, leaving the group as 5. The boy group eventually changed their name from Topp Dog to Xeno-T and are currently promoting.

Kim Sang Gyun started promoting as a member of Topp Dogg in 2014 with the stage name Atom. After leaving the group in 2017, he gained notoriety for competing on Produce 101 Season 2. Although he was eliminated from the show, he became a member of the temporary project boy group JBJ due to fans’ requests. After their contract ended, JBJ disbanded in 2018 and Kim Sang Gyun became a permanent member of the duo JBJ95.

Due to his history as a former Topp Dogg member and the potential scrutiny he could receive from Park Hyun Ho’s video, it seems that Star Road Entertainment took measures to ensure the safety of their artist.

Source: Chosun