Jeon So Min Is Getting Massive Hate For Pretending To Be A BLACKPINK Member On “Running Man”

Netizens had a lot to say about the BLACKPINK episode.

On the last episode of SBS‘s Running Man, Jeon So Min jokingly appeared as the “fifth member” of BLACKPINK and even danced with them during the intro.

And she’s getting massive hate on her Instagram account as a result.

When BLACKPINK first appeared, Jeon So Min joined them as the fifth member, “Jasoo”, and nailed the choreography with the group.

Furthermore, during a face-off battle, Jeon So Min was seen lightly kicking Jisoo as a joke.

But shortly after the episode aired, international netizens took to Jeon So Min’s Instagram account to criticize her.

Some netizens brought up the moment when Jeon So Min kicked Jisoo…

| @jsomin86/Instagram
| @jsomin86/Instagram

While others attacked her with hate for dancing with BLACKPINK as if she was a member.

| @jsomin86/Instagram
| @jsomin86/Instagram

Just last March, Jeon So Min put a halt to her activities due to the hate comments she was suffering.

| @jsomin86/Instagram

But when she returned to Running Man in May, the hate comments continued, leading the producers to make the aggressive move of removing their online bulletin board.

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