Jeon So Min Reportedly Participated In Newest “Running Man” Episode, Squashing Her Departure Rumors

This is music to our ears.

According to OSEN, actress Jeon So Min has successfully returned to Running Man following her foot surgery.

Actress and “Running Man” member, Jeon So Min.

On February 9, the Korean media news outlet reported that despite the ongoing rumors about the actress’s departure from the SBS variety program, she participated in the most recent episode. Given her recent surgery, however, OSEN revealed that she filmed for the episode in a wheelchair.

Back in January, Jeon So Min suffered a foot fracture, which she personally explained on a previous episode of Running Man. Wearing a foot brace, the actress shared that she somehow hurt her foot going down the stairs. While in the beginning she assumed it was an ankle sprain, it was after an X-ray was taken that she was diagnosed with a foot fracture.

Despite her attempt to have a cheery attitude, her foot brace and crutches broke the hearts of viewers, as many expressed their well wishes for the actress. On January 21, her agency King Kong by Starship announced that she had official undergone foot surgery and was “currently recovering.” 

Jeon So Min (circled in yellow) on a “Running Man” episode with a foot brace and crutches.

As the actress focused on her recovery, however, Running Man fans began to express their concerns after Jeon So Min uploaded an Instagram story of a cake that read, “thank you for being part of Running Man for so long.” 

While the production team of the variety program could have sent the cake as a form of encouragement, fans took it as a potential sign that the actress would be leaving due to a variety of reasons.

Jeon So Min’s cake that reads “Thank you for being on Running Man for so long.” | @jsomin86/Instagram

Jeon So Min has been seeing grand success as an actress, with her most recent role as Yoon Mi Ra in Show Window: The Queen’s House. Her acting skills were highlighted front and center as she took on a provocative role—and netizens noticed.

Poster for Jeon So Min’s K-Drama, “Show Window: The Queen’s House” | Channel A

In addition to that, her foot fracture surgery clearly indicated that she would be unable to fully participate in Running Man—which is a physically trying program that requires a certain level of health—for an indefinite amount of time as she focused on her recovery.

Jeon So Min being pulled during a “Running Man” game.

Putting those two together in addition to the photo of the Running Man cake, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Jeon So Min would also be departing the program as Lee Kwang Soo did before her. The actor, who is in the same agency as Jeon So Min, departed the program back in June 2021 due to health reasons and has since been focusing on his acting career.

Jeon So Min (left) and Lee Kwang Soo (right) | SBS

According to OSEN’s insider report, however, it seems that she is staying on Running Man for the time being.


We wish Jeon So Min a speedy recovery and hope to see her back in full health soon!

Source: OSEN

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