Jessi’s “NUNU NANA” Was Beaten By BTS In The Charts, But Here’s Why She Didn’t Care

Jessi is literally a true ARMY!

When it comes to K-Pop idols who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, there is no denying that soloist Jessi is right at the top of the list. In particular, since the start of her web series Showterview With Jessi, the idol has used the videos to share her thoughts on several topics and make netizens laugh out loud.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/ Instagram

It was no different during the latest episode when she sat down with an OG idol and current SM Entertainment executive, Kim Min Jong. From the very start of the video, it was pure chaos with Jessi trying to get her guest to spill the “tea” about one of the biggest K-Pop agencies.

During the video, Kim Min Jong explained that during his K-Pop career, his fame was skyrocketing after the release of his first album, and fans were falling in love with his charms and talent.

Yet, Kim Min Jong then shared that while everything was going well, his momentum was stopped after the debut of another iconic K-Pop act, Seo Taiji and Boys.

As a K-Pop artist, Jessi knew exactly what he felt like and explained her own experience of it that included her hit track “NUNU NANA” and one of the biggest groups in the world, BTS!

I know what it is. I managed to climb up the chart with ‘NUNU NANA.’ When the first place was around the corner, BTS came out.

⁠— Jessi

Although Jessi can be sassy and blunt, it seems like her disappointment for not getting a first place was only matched by her excitement about charting alongside the group.

But I love the fact that I was on the chart with BTS!

⁠— Jessi

The clip has recently gone viral after being reshared on social media and has over 150,000 views. In particular, netizens couldn’t get enough of Jessi’s reaction and love for BTS that many rightly want a collaboration between the two, or even better, for BTS to appear on the show.


Of course, it isn’t the first time Jessi’s shared her love for the group. On the show, Jessi was asked about which artist she would like to perform a duet with, and Jungkook was one of her top picks.

Among foreign artists, I would choose Bruno Mars. And for a Korean singer… Jungkook is like a superstar so you have to think realistically. So I would say…Jungkook!

⁠— Jessi

| Mobidic/ YouTube

She’s even met them on several occasions on variety shows. In particular, one that stood out was when Jessi asked Suga whether he was interested in acting and left the rapper very flustered.

| KBS World TV/ YouTube

There is no denying that Jessi is a firm ARMY and her love and respect for BTS and other K-Pop artists is the reason netizens love her so much. Hopefully, HYBE and P NATION can get together and set something up because we all know how epic it was when Jessi and TXT met.

You can read watch the whole video below.

Source: Mobidic
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