Jessi Compliments Fan While Signing Their Boobs

Jessi’s fan service is unlike any other!

Solo artist Jessi‘s fan service is unmatched!

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi is currently on her Beyond Your Imagination Europe tour, which kicked off in Berlin on October 8. She will visit five European cities in October in total. 

Unfortunately, the tour has not been a smooth ride. She has suffered mistreatment due to her tour organizer, European tour organizer Tim Kim (also known as Ho Ung Kim). Jessi has had to pay her own way for travel, hotels, etc., after being stranded by him.

I had to book my own f**king hotels, I had to book my own trains, and I did not complain for anything. Because at the end of the day, when I see you guys, everything all changes… so today, I was going to cancel [the show] because my body’s just not good right now, and my voice is gone…

— Jessi

Despite having every reason to cancel the remaining tour or at least the concert, considering she had no rest, she went on with the show.

So, Jebbies (Jessi fans) were incredibly touched by Jessi going through with the concert. She truly delivered a great show regardless of everything, and Jebbies returned the love she continually shows us.

There were many iconic fan interactions as one gifted her a gigantic bra and another proposed.

Still, when Jessi wanted to give back to fans, organizers tried to stop it. According to fans, organizers didn’t want her to perform an additional song or take pictures with fans in the crowd as she had done at previous shows.

Still, Jessi went and interacted with the crowd of fans as she always does. So, she even signed some items for them.

One lucky fan even got Jessi to sign their boobs. If that wasn’t enough, Jessi even complimented them!

Here? Oh! You have beautiful boobs.

— Jessi

This isn’t the first time Jessi signed someone’s boobs, actually. She recently did in Berlin too.

At the same show, Jessi even invited a fan to touch her own boobs!

Jessi and her fans are truly besties!

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