Jessi Shares How She Maintains Her Confidence Through Everything

She’s a true queen!

Jessi revealed the secret to her ability to power through everything confidently!

In an online press conference for her recent comeback with “What Type Of X”, Jessi talked about her song, friendship with the Refund Sisters, and more!

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She also addressed how people admire her confidence, and talked about how she maintains it no matter what!

I am a woman of strong mentality and for me, loving myself is the most crucial thing. If you do not love yourself, nobody will do so. On top of that, you have to be surrounded by people who give off positive vibes.


While talking about confidence, she shared that also has her down days, but always manages to get back up because of her loved ones around her!

Many people say I always look self-assured, but I also have some ups and downs. Nonetheless, I can get over the hardships with self-love and the support from my people.


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We love a confident, inspirational queen!

Jessi made her comeback with the digital single, “What Type Of X”.

Watch the MV here!

Source: The Korea Times
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