Jessi Responds To Pregnancy Rumors About Herself In The Most Iconic Way

It was done in true “Jessi” style!

When it comes to K-Pop idols who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, Jessi is definitely at the top of the list. No matter how daring or controversial the topic might be, the idol will always speak her mind and it is definitely unique in the conservative and controlled world of K-Pop.

K-Pop soloist | @jessicah_o/Instagram

In particular, Jessi has been extremely honest about the future and what she sees for herself. In the past, Jessi revealed that she wants to have a  family and confessed, “If I have a baby, I will raise it well.” Jessi then went on and expressed that she actually wants to have three kids someday!

Jessi then confessed that while gaining fame and making a lot of money from her thriving career, Jessi admitted those things don’t make her happiest. In fact, all she wants is a family.

I’ll make a confession here. I made money while making music and gained popularity, but it’s all useless now. I wasn’t happy. Because all I wanted was a family. It’s my dream.

— Jessi

Recently, it seems as if people have been looking back on those comments as rumors have been spreading that Jessi is pregnant, and many included a wide range of idols, even mentioning Jay Park who Jessi recently did a TikTok with.


When u can’t do the dance but u still feelin yourself 😫😫🥰😍 @Jay Park (박재범) acting like a monkey in the back. #gandara #jessi #jaypark

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Well, as expected, Jessi had the best response to the rumors when netizens told her about it during a recent Instagram live. After clips were released from the broadcast, Jessi was praised for several reasons.

After revealing that she hadn’t known about Sunmi replacing her on Showterview, the idol shared her support for the new host and shared that, although it might be different, it isn’t always a bad thing. Yet, she honestly shared that it was surprising.

Considering how iconic that response was, it isn’t surprising that her response to the pregnancy rumors was even funnier.

Reading the comments, Jessi already had the funniest facial expressions when she explained, “People saying that I’m pregnant with someone’s baby…”

| @jessicah_o/Instagram 

After explaining the rumors, Jessi then hit back at them saying that they were definitely false, but it seems like the idea isn’t something she is against.

Shit. I wish I knew if I was- You know what, I told you guys I want a baby.

— Jessi

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

When the clip was posted on social media, netizens couldn’t get over how unfiltered the idol was. Although she denied the rumors, saying she wanted a baby was just unexpected and proves that nobody can control what she says.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Jessi has been an unbothered queen when speaking about more sensitive topics. In the past, hosts have pointed out that P NATION CEO PSY hasn’t always liked the way she’s dressed, which is more sexy and provocative than most idols.

During one interview, Of course, being Jessi, she had the best reaction to this and just said, “I don’t really care.”

Since debuting, Jessi has definitely proved that she doesn’t play by the rules of the K-Pop industry. Whenever rumors arise, most agencies will issue a statement, yet Jessi chose to do it herself in the funniest way and make netizens LOL.

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