BTS’s Jimin Confused The Heck Out Of Instagram

The age-guessing filter was no match for his ageless visuals.

Instagram has experienced “The Jimin Effect”, and now there’s no going back!

BTS‘s Jimin has a talent for making heads spin with his chameleon-like visuals. One minute, he’s giving off “high school crush” vibes…

…the next, he’s all grown up.

Blink again, and he’s somewhere in between!

On March 7, Jimin shared a sweet message for fans, plus three new selfies. For these photos, Jimin used Instagram’s age-guessing filter.

It turns out, Instagram just couldn’t process Jimin’s ever-shifting looks. His age jumped from 28…

…to 13…

…then back up to 23!

Are we surprised? Not really. Even Jimin has trouble remembering his age. In a recent interview, he had to stop and think about it! (He’s 26 Korean age, 24 international age.)

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