BTS Jin’s Brother And Sister-In-Law Have A BTS Poster Proudly Displayed In Their Home

His family are truly his biggest fans!

You hope your family would be your biggest fan’s, and in the case of BTS‘s Jin, this is totally true!

From left: Jin, his brother Kim Seok Jung, and sister-in-law Ah Reum at the couple’s wedding. | @kimbutter_daddy/Instagram

Jin is quite close with his family. He and his older brother Kim Seok Jung even opened a restaurant together.

And, when Seok Jung’s wife Ah Reum got pregnant, Jin helped them with name ideas! Ultimately, his choice of “Butter” even inspired his brother to change his Instagram handle.

| @kimbutter_daddy/Instagram

However, most recently, Ah Reum posted a photo of the family’s living room on Instagram Stories. While Seok Jung was at work, she cleaned up around their home. And we couldn’t help but notice something familiar on the walls…

| @kahreumi/Instagram

Husband’s at work
I’m off until tomorrow

So sunny 🌞
I’m going to do the laundry
and vacuum the house

— Ah Reum’s caption

The couple has BTS’s TIME Magazine cover displayed on their wall alongside paintings! While in 2020, the group was named “2020 Entertainer of the Year,” they were the “Next Generation Leaders” in 2018. Perhaps the reason they chose this one is because Jin is front and center…

From left: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope. | TIME

The love doesn’t end there either. Jin recently proved himself to be the best brother-in-law ever as he delivered strawberries to Ah Reum. Read more below:

BTS’s Jin Proves Just How Precious He Really Is By Delivering Strawberries To His Pregnant Sister-In-Law

Source: @kahreumi