K-Drama “Jirisan” Kicks Off To Criticism For The CG Green Screen Effects

Even a movie director stepped up to criticize it.

K-Drama Jirisan just made its debut on October 23, 2021. The drama stars Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon as the characters Seo Yi Gang and Kang Hyun Jo, both rangers at the Jirisan National Park. Together, they save the many humans that trek up the mountain.

Although the drama was highly anticipated due to the strong cast, the first episode fell a little bit short of expectations but for a surprising reason. While everyone loved the cast and their acting, they had some gripe with the special effects instead.

Of course, while it is not possible to be filming so high up on a real mountain, the poor green screen effects left much to be desired.

Many felt that the lacking CG made the show look amateurish.

Things got worse when a director himself commented on the show. He famously directed the movie, Beauty Inside.

First episode _ (Just by my standards although I can’t tell) if it’s this extent. It must be the problem of the directing. #Jirisan probably has its own explanations / but to take those many actors. and make them look like they cannot act. It’s magic in itself. #If that was intentional then I’m sorry.

— Director

| theqoo

Many viewers had similar opinions.

  • Eungbokie, when you directed Sweet Home, it was good… just why…”
  • “That scene was especially severe LOL why are they like that.”
  • “Is it an advertisement for hiking clothes LOL”
  • “It looks like a comedy skit of hiking. Just get up a real mountain…”
  • “LOL but they might as well have just gone to some lower mountains to film it haha what’s up with that.”
  • “That scene was especially bad lol”
  • “Wtf is that”
| theqoo

What do you guys who have watched the show think? The production team has yet to make a statement.

Source: theqoo
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