“Jirisan” Investors Panic After The K-Drama Gets Criticized And Fails To Live Up To Its Expectations

They’re seeing a big loss following the series’ premiere.

Jirisan has only aired two episodes, but it has already started to become the talk of the town for numerous different reasons. The tvN series previously made headlines for its “amateurish” CG effects, bringing forth endless criticisms from netizens and movie directors alike.

Still from “Jirisan” with Ju Ji Hoon (left) and Jun Ji Hyun (right) | tvN

Viewers also criticized the excessive product placements (PPL) that were placed throughout the episodes, adding onto the overall disappointment.

Still of a sandwich PPL in “Jirisan” | tvN

As the K-Drama continues to get slammed with disapproval, it seems that investors have started to express their concerns with the series. It’s been reported by numerous media agencies that the stock prices of AStory, the production company behind Jirisan, has started to plummet following the K-Drama’s continuous let downs.

According to the reports, AStory’s stocks were priced at ₩41,200 KRW (about $35.20 USD) per share, but following the premiere of the series, the prices have dropped a whopping ₩9,400 KRW (about $8.04 USD) per share in just one day. This means that AStory’s stocks plummeted around 20% following the release of Jirisan.

Actress Jun Ji Hyun.

That’s not all. Studio Dragon, which is another production company that co-produced Jirisan also saw a large decrease in their stocks following the premiere of the series. While they had started out at ₩92,100 KRW (about $78.80 USD), following Jirisan‘s debut, the company’s stocks went down ₩3,300 KRW (about $2.82 USD).

| tvN

Jirisan‘s plotline revolves around Mount Jiri in South Korea, so it came as no surprise that a majority of the scenes would be edited with computer graphics due to the unknown dangers of the mountain. However, netizens couldn’t help but express their mass disappointment following their viewing of the series due to the “awkward computer graphic scenes.” 

| tvN

The tvN K-Drama garnered high expectations prior to its release due to its massive production budget of almost nearly $30 million USD. In addition to that, the stellar A-List cast of Ju Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun added onto the overall hype for the thrilling series.

The expectations only grew when it was revealed that writer Kim Eun Hee, the mastermind behind Signal and Kingdom, and director Lee Eung Bok, who directed Mr. Sunshine and Descendents of the Sun would be teaming up for Jirisan.

“Jirisan”‘s cast and production crew.

But it seems that the criticisms did not affect the viewer ratings of the series yet, as the second episode peaked at an impressive 14.4%.

| tvN

There have been impossibly high expectations for Jirisan well before its premiere, as the hype of the cast, the plot, and the production crew unknowingly formed an A-List team for the series. With such hype, it’s only natural that some viewers were bound to feel some type of disappointment.

Since only two episodes have been released thus far, we hope that Jirisan will only go up from here.

Source: Naver News