“Jirisan” Does A Complete 180 And Redeems Itself With Newly Released Character Details

Netizens are pouring out their praises for the K-Drama’s screenwriter.

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Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon‘s highly anticipated series Jirisan was off to a rough start, as viewers expressed their disappointment with the K-Drama’s premiere. From the “amateurish” CG effects to the excessive product placements (PPL), netizens were displeased with what the tvN series had been offering thus far.

Poster for “Jirisan” | tvN

Following the second episode, however, tvN uploaded a series of character posters that have started to take the internet by storm—and they were just what Jirisan needed to change its reputation.

Ju Ji Hoon (left) and Jun Ji Hyun (right) | tvN

The production company shared a few different character introduction posters onto their official website, describing the detailed backgrounds of Jirisan‘s main characters.

Up first, tvN shared this mysterious photo of Kang Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) in a hospital bed, while Seo Yi Gang (Jun Ji Hyun) can be seen in a wheelchair. As the photo alone generated a lot of curiosity, tvN provided this unexpected backstory:

Character poster | tvN

This is the story of a woman who can no longer go up the mountains, and of a man who can’t seem to leave the mountains.

While he loved the mountains more than anyone, due to a fiery accident, he was declared brain dead. He has been floating around the mountain as a ghost ever since.

She worked endlessly to save as many people as she could, but she became bound to a wheelchair and was no longer able to access the mountain again.

They were suddenly unable to see each other or meet each other, but due to Mount Jiri’s special gift, they were able to rescue people on the mountain once again. They want to do whatever it takes to ensure that no one else dies on the mountain.

They put their own lives on the line to protect the mountain and to expose the truth. This is the story of Ranger Yi Gang (Jun Ji Hyun) and Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon).

— tvN’s newly released character posters

Jun Ji Hyun’s character, Seo Yi Gang was introduced as the mountain’s “best ranger” who, unfortunately, has a sad history with Mount Jiri. It was revealed that her parents were 2 of the 100 people who passed away in the 1995 flood.

And while she tried her hardest to leave the mountain, she had to stay behind for her grandmother. Years later, she eventually became the mountain’s top ranger. However, due to a tragic accident, Seo Yi Gang became bound to a wheelchair, ending her love affair with Mount Jiri.

Jun Ji Hyun’s character poster | tvN

Ju Ji Hoon’s character, Kang Hyun Jo was introduced as “the rookie ranger” who lost a subordinate in a training accident. However, it was after this accident that Hyun Jo began to receive special powers, as he could start seeing the deaths of people on the mountain.

During a mountain fire, Hyun Jo found himself in a tragic situation, which would eventually leave him brain dead. Ever since, he has been roaming around the mountain as a ghost entity. As he tries to escape the terrors of Mount Jiri and the deaths that haunt him, he realizes that the only person that can rescue him is Yi Gang.

Ju Ji Hoon’s character poster | tvN

Last, but most certainly not least, we have actress Go Min Si‘s charater Lee Da Won. tvN describes this ranger intern as the “ray of sunshine.” After Yi Gang (Jun Ji Hyun) returns as a ranger in a wheelchair, Lee Da Won chooses her as a role model due to her “skills and character.” 

Lee Da Won’s character poster details that she goes into the mountain in place of Yi Gang, and it was there that she meets a blood covered Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon), who looked lost and confused.

Go Min Si’s character poster | tvN

With such revelations, Korean netizens naturally couldn’t help but express their shock at the details provided. The very viewers who were criticizing Jirisan just days ago, had a 180 change of heart following the characters’ backstories.

| theqoo
  • “Of course, it’s the one and only Kim Eun Hee. How does she think of such things.”
  • “How did people’s guesses end up being right hahahaha people are amazing.”
  • “What? It just got interesting all of a sudden..”
  • “So at the end of episode 2, Hyun Jo got hit? I kept thinking ‘what is this?’ but this is f*cking amazing…”
  • “Wow, this is amazing. I watched this with my mom because she said it was too scary and now…”
  • “So it’s not that he lost his mind, but he’s dead?????”
  • “Now I have to watch it.”
  • “I can’t believe he’s a ghost. I thought he had lost his mind or something. So it wasn’t all just an illusion.”
  • “I suddenly have an urge to watch it.”
| tvN

With such unexpected backstories, Jirisan made quite the impression on viewers—and it seems that they have everyone intrigued. Will you be tuning in?

Source: WikiTree and theqoo