Jisoo remains in hospital; may be able to join Lovelyz once her condition improves

Woollim Entertainment continuously updates fans on Jisoo’s condition as she remains in hospital after suffering from shock with the recent malicious rumours against her. 

On November 14th, Woollim Entertainment released an update on Jisoo’s third day in hospital as they continue to monitor her psychological status, making it their priority. Once Jisoo achieves psychological stability, she is expected to join the rest of the group in their ongoing debut promotions.

Meanwhile, the agency also stated that the investigation can start progressing once the search and seizure warrant has been approved.

Since the rampant spread of accusations against Jisoo spread prior to her debut with Lovelyz, Woollim Entertainment remains firm that they will be seeking legal action against those responsible.

Lovelyz, on the other hand, started promoting their debut title track “Candy Jelly Love” on various music programs this week.

Source: OSEN