Jo Byung Gyu’s Agency Reveals Copy Of The Apology Letter Sent By The Alleged Bullying Victim

They hope that the accuser will answer to the police summons asap.

The alleged bullying victim has refuted the claims of “school violence” and has claimed that they did not receive an apology from Jo Byung Gyu. According to HB Entertainment, “Accuser A’s acquaintance has communicated with A and sent an apology and voluntarily deleted all false information.” They also revealed the apology letter sent by A through the acquaintance. 

| HB Entertainment

As of today, I am posting this message to say that I do not wish for any of my posts on this account to be publicized in any way. I request that all photos and content from this account be deleted voluntarily as it can cause legal problems.

I am informing you that all content that was posted previously on this account is false. In addition, all the photos that were posted here were posted without the consent of my colleagues and were taken from Facebook. I truly apologize to all the colleagues that have received damage from the photos being posted and spread online.

I am also posting this message and apology on my own will. I deeply apologize to everyone I have hurt through this account for the past few days. Mr. lawyer, please read the message above and let me know if it needs any editing. The accuser is not in the right state currently so we are trying to help out as much as we can. We ask for your support.


The agency continued, “Accuser A suddenly had a change of attitude after the company delivered the position that leniency would be difficult and has continued to defame Jo Byung Gyu and the agency with false facts. We have filed a complaint to the Gangnam Police Station. Accuser A has been designated as a suspect and not a reference and have requested to regulate the entry of criminals until we can find the whereabouts of the accuser. ”

They hope that the accuser will make the decision to comply with the police investigation summon as soon as possible.

We did not respond to A’s requests because there was no value or reason to, but they are repeatedly spreading false facts and damaging the reputation and credibility of our actor and agency. We do not insist on public verification, but we hope A enters the country as soon as possible to carry out the legal procedures. We plan to take all possible civil and criminal legal procedures to activity respond to serious criminal acts that defame celebrities with unconfirmed facts in an anonymous cyberspace.

⁠— HB Entertainment

Jo Byung Gyu was accused of bullying students during his middle school days, and while he denied such claims, more accusations by anonymous netizens surfaced. He denied more of the claims, however, the accusations continued to target him.

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