Jo Byung Gyu To Make Comeback With “A Loser’s History” But The Drama Is Already Facing Backlash Due To Problematic Scenes

The webtoon faced backlash for its gaslighting scenes.

Actor Jo Byung Gyu will be making his first comeback to the small screen with a new drama, A Loser’s History (working title). The drama was adapted from a popular webtoon that ran from 2013 to 2017. It is a story about how love turns someone into a loser and it will be portrayed as a romantic comedy.

He will play a freshman, Seo Min Ki. He is written as awkward and easy riled up. Although he continually acts like a loser and commits many mistakes, he always reflects and chides himself.

However, the webtoon had rubbed some readers the wrong way with the portrayal of the male lead. Although the point of the webtoon was to portray the “loser-like” acts one can do when in love, looking at it from a modern-day point of view, many are worried that a drama version will romanticize and glorify such actions.

A few scenes from the webtoon have been causing the upcoming drama to face backlash and doubt.

A scene where Seo Min Ki asks about his girlfriend’s past sexual activity was seen as rude and an invasion of privacy.


On the other hand, after he breaks up with his girlfriend, he immediately claims he will not love again. However, his head turns the instant a girl with a short skirt walks by.

Not only that, but the scene where he immediately put down his ex-girlfriend while introducing his new one rubbed readers the wrong way.

His character even threatened to commit suicide if his ex-girlfriend refuses to pick up his calls while he is in the army.

A proper apology is also nowhere to be found in the webtoon.

With so many red flags in the male lead, readers and viewers are antsy about the drama adaptation.

  • “I know that it’s meant to show the male lead as a loser but what if people start copying it because he will get the girl in the end anyway?”
  • “I guess it suits Jo Byung Gyu.”
  • “Why would you make this into a drama?”
  • “I stopped reading the webtoon because he was so annoying.”
  • “I mean it was fun reading about it because of the character but I don’t think it’s good to make it into a drama…”
  • “They’re basically packaging losers prettily.”

Jo Byung Gyu was previously wrapped up in school bullying allegations which he firmly denied.

Source: theqoo