Actor Jo Byung Gyu Talks About Kim Sejung And The Possibility Of A Love Line In Season 2 Of “The Uncanny Counter”

We absolutely can’t wait for season 2!

Drama The Uncanny Counter has been gaining lots of recognition and popularity. With actor Jo Byung Gyu on the rise as a rookie actor, Star Today sat down for an interview with him.

Jo Byung Gyu shared that his recent rookie award at SBS Drama Awards was one that was very precious to him. He won the prize for his appearance on Hot Stove League. Unsurprising, as he was recently praised for his delicate acting skills in an action scene.

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He revealed that it had honestly been a long time since he last acted with people his age. His co-star, Kim Sejung is the same age as him! Jo Byung Gyu praised her as an extremely talented actor and claimed that during their time working on the show, he learnt much from the actress.

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Jo Byung Gyu even shared that he relied a lot on Kim Sejung during filming. In answer to the question all The Uncanny Counter fans are curious about, Jo Byung Gyu teased the possibility of a love line in season 2. He revealed that many fans want some romance thrown in, and he feels that it would be okay, if it was kept minimal to not take away from the main plot.

Well, we absolutely can’t wait for season 2! The production has yet to begin but The Uncanny Counter has already been confirmed to return for another round. Stay tuned!

Source: Star Today
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