Dancer Jo Nain Wins At Life Once Again As BTS’s Jungkook Covers Her Choreography

He previously named her YouTube channel too.

We heard many fangirls across the globe scream a little when dancer Jo Nain revealed that BTS’s Jungkook had helped her name her upcoming YouTube channel. She had been taking suggestions on her Instagram story and Jungkook personally replied with a great suggestion, “Have A Good Nain.”

Jo Nain gained fame through the dance survival show Street Girls Fighter. As she became a hot topic for her insane dancing skills and young age of 19 years old (Korean age), she gained the support of many celebrities including BTS’s Jungkook. She is also a junior from his alma mater, School of Performing Arts Seoul.

She has also been active as a dance choreographer and teacher! She uploads her creations on her Instagram and the through various dance studio channels on YouTube. As BTS is currently having some downtime, Jungkook took it upon him to surprise fans with some covers.

After an angelic cover of G.Soul’s “Hate Everything”…

…he surprised fans with a dance video to the song “Bare Wit Me”.

He made sure to credit Jo Nain for her choreography! He captioned it to complain that his “body is now heavy too…” (Excuse me???)

It seems like Jo Nain caught wind of it! She uploaded a shy story about the news.

We love this for her! Congratulations to the queen!