Jonghyun and Krystal were much closer than most people knew

Fans have been sharing Krystal and Jonghyun’s best moments together.

f(x)‘s Krystal just started following SHINee‘s Jonghyun on Instagram, after his sudden death and now fans are sharing videos of the two together.

Once fans saw how emotional Krystal looked at Jonghyun’s memorial service and funeral, they immediately began sharing their best moments together. In an effort to ease her pain and remind Krystal of memorable times with Jonghyun, fans continued to share videos and photos on social media.

Here are some of our favorite moments of Krystal and Jonghyun:

1. Talking about their adorable sibling relationship

Krystal: You’re really like a brother to me. I don’t have a real brother. You’re really someone who plays the role of a brother.

Jonghyun: You know what I have you saved as on my phone? I have you saved as ‘Little Sister’. I really think of you as my little sister.

Krystal: We always text each other things that a sister and brother would text each other.”

2. Jonghyun on Krystal’s “cold image” being untrue

“People think Krystal has such a cold image.

But the Krystal I know cries a lot, and has a lot of emotions and shows them. But from the outside, people think you have a cold image, but just like you said… you tend to be very shy.

I want people to know that about you, not as a celebrity but as a person.”

— Jonghyun to Krystal

3. An adorable clip of them hugging each other

4. Jonghyun taking care of Krystal with pure love

5. Jonghyun punching Krystal in the face (for fun!)

6. Their amazing chemistry together, no matter what

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