Jonghyun Filmed His Comeback MV, Days Before His Death 

Jonghyun filmed his comeback MV days before his death.

Days before his passing, Jonghyun finished filming his music video for a new song. And no one at the filming set noticed anything strange about Jonghyun’s behavior.

“The new song had a bright feeling.

He seemed like his usual self at the music video set.I never knew he was suffering that much.”

— Industry Insider

Many who were close to him were shocked as they were looking forward to his new music.

“He was a preparing a new solo track, but I cannot believe it.” 

— Jonghyun’s Friend

The concept was to reflect Jonghyun’s love for music.

“I don’t know the date of the release, but he was recently working on new solo songs.

The concept had a bright atmosphere to it with the theme: Jonghyun loves music.” 

— Jonghyun’s Friend

Days before his death, Jonghyun also held a solo concert and filmed an episode of JTBC’s Night Goblin. It still remains unclear whether his family will approve the release of his album. 

Source: YNA

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