Homeless People Allegedly Desecrating Jonghyun’s Memorial At SM Artium

Reports claim some elderly women said the memorial gifts are free to take.

Seoul’s COEX SM Artium is covered with heartfelt post-it messages, gifts, and flowers for SHINee‘s Jonghyun who tragically passed away last month. Fans created the beautiful memorial for those who wanted to pay their respects but could not attend the funeral services.

However, some Korean netizens have been reporting that the memorial has been disrespected by some of the homeless community in Seoul.

They alleged that some homeless elder men and women are disrespectfully taking things fans leave in memory of Jonghyun, including bracelets and packets of snacks that Jonghyun liked.

One netizen also complained of middle-aged men and women taking selfies with the post-its left by fans, treating the area as a tourist attraction. Reportedly, some are brazen enough to suggest that the memorial gifts left for Jonghyun are “free to take”.

Although fans have left messages and made urgent calls to SM Entertainment, the company has not yet taken action. In fact, the fans were the ones who personally moved an outside memorial area indoors, to prevent further memorial gifts from being stolen.

SHINee Jonghyun's Passing