(★UPDATE) Jonghyun’s close friend reveals conversations they had, leading up to his suicide

Jonghyun’s close friend reveals conversations they had leading up to his suicide.

Dispatch has released a new interview with an alleged friend of SHINee Jonghyun. In the interview, the friend discusses his last conversation with Jonghyun before his death.

The interview has been translated below:

Jonghyun: Do you think it’ll get better if I endure it?

Friend: I still recommend going to the hospital

Jonghyun: (Shaking his head) I’m receiving treatment but it’s not helping.

In the interview, the friend shares his disbelief that Jonghyun is no longer alive. He claims that they’ve been close friends for 5 years and shared their deepest feelings and worries with each other.

 “We met together on December 1, 2017. He said he was still having a hard time but I never imagined it would end this way..”

– Anonymous Friend (to Dispatch)

He continues on to talk about how much Jonghyun absolutely loved music. His desire to be better and create better music. In an emotional quote, the friend shares how Jonghyun felt he was disappointing those around him.

“It was music, always music. He always said that he didn’t live up to the expectation of those around him. He wanted to do better but he was lacking. He felt that he was losing his place as he grew older.”

– Anonymous Friend

The remainder of the interview with Dispatch goes into detail about Jonghyun’s mentality at the time and how he was feeling. It talks about Jonghyun being unable to sleep without medication and suffering internally. 

“He never had any problems in his personal life. He was close with his mother and sister and the only other thing he cared about was music. He always scolded himself saying that he was not good enough.

Even if you have a lot of friends it’s hard to talk about these things. He entrusted these feelings to me frequently. In early December he talked to me of death but I believed that he would overcome these things.

He couldn’t sleep without medication. He would be up on the phone all night before he finally fell asleep. He had endured so well until now that I never imagined that conversation would be our last.”

He felt like he was enduring day after day. I hoped that he would endure until the very end but now I just wish he would rest in peace. With no worries on his mind.”

– Anonymous Friend (to Dispatch)

Source: Dispatch

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