JTBC Announces They Will Release Episodes Of “Snowdrop” In Advance To Prevent Misunderstandings About The Plot

They made the decision.

Following the fire that K-Drama Snowdrop has been facing, broadcaster jtbc has decided to release episodes of Snowdrop earlier than planned in order to prevent misunderstandings. Much of the backlash comes from South Koreans that claim the drama distorts history and romanticizes the National Security Agency, an organization that tortured and killed many lives.

On December 23, 2021, jtbc announced that they would be releasing up to episode 5 earlier than planned. Originally, episodes 3 and 4 would have been aired over the coming weekend dated December 25 and 26. However, due to the recent controversies, jtbc will be releasing episode 3 on December 24, 4 on December 25 and 5 on December 26.

jtbc claims that episodes 3 to 5 will focus on Suho, a North Korean spy, and how he escapes authority. The NSA and the North Korean organization will join forces to gain power and money, while the youth will get caught up in the unfolding secrets and lies.

Stay tuned for more on Snowdrop.

Source: Spot TV