Jun Hyun Moo Confirmed To Be Dating KBS Announcer Lee Hye Sung

Congratulations to the couple!

Jun Hyun Moo and KBS Announcer Lee Hye Sung have been confirmed to be dating!

Earlier in the day, media outlets reported that the two recently started their relationship.

Jun Hyun Moo Reportedly Has Found A New Girlfriend, KBS Announcer Lee Hye Sung

Jun Hyun Moo’s agency, SM C&C, made the confirmation statement to the press.

Hello, this is SM C&C.

We would like to tell you about Jun Hyun Moo’s dating reports.

Jun Hyun Moo and Lee Hye Sung have had a good relationship as junior-senior due to their common denominator of being announcers, and recently, they have started to develop good feelings for each other.

There are still many steps for them to be careful with, in getting to know each other. Please refrain from excessive speculation and malicious comments that can cause psychological wounds to the parties involved.

Thank you.

— SM C&C

Lee Hye Sung is 15 years younger than Jun Hyun Moo, and is a graduate of Seoul National University. She is an MC on KBS’s Entertainment Weekly, which will end in December after 36 years, and also hosts her own radio show, An Exciting Night, Lee Hye Sung.

Source: Xportnews