Jun.K Expresses Disappointment Over 2PM’s Canceled Concerts

Jun.K expressed words of regret after JYP Entertainment canceled 2PM’s upcoming concerts. 

On February 28, the agency confirmed in a statement that 2PM’s scheduled events from March 3 to 5 have been canceled. The concert 6 Nights was set to be held at the Handball Arena in Seoul, South Korea.

As his health remains a top priority, the agency decided to cancel this week’s scheduled concerts. Jun.K suffered tremendous injury after falling off a moving platform during their concert on February 26. He has received surgery for his broken elbow and fingers and is reportedly very committed to his recovery. The agency assured fans that they will continue to monitor his progress.

Jun.K is scheduled for military service later this year.

Jun.K is adamant about keeping his promise to his fans and expressed his intention to return to the stage soon.

“The past few days have been too much for me.
So many people… my fans, my members have been worried about me. I am so sorry and so thankful.
I will get better and show a stronger side the next time we meet. I promise you.”

Jun.K of 2PM

For him, this will be one of his last scheduled activities with the group as it is speculated he will enlist in the military later this year.

JYP Entertainment also announced that they plan to take legal action against commenters making malicious posts about the incident.

Source: Dispatch