Netizens Question Jung Hae In’s Stylist For The Dior Menswear F/W 2024 Fashion Show

He received mixed opinions about his styling.

Actor Jung Hae In recently headed to Paris to attend the Mens’ F/W 2024 fashion show for the luxury house of Dior. He showed up in a black textured top with matching black pants.

The highlight of the look was a neon green embellished jacket.

His hair was slicked back and his makeup kept to a minimum.

| @haesoorecords/X

The jacket certainly did all the heavy lifting!

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The unique styling received mixed opinions. The other celebrities in attendance include NewJeansHaerin

…and TXT.

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Compared to them, netizens felt that Jung Hae In’s styling was too unconventional and hard to pull off.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Isn’t Jung Hae In’s makeup and clothing too much? Getty Images takes pretty flattering ones nowadays…
  • I feel like apart from Jung Hae In’s, everyone else looks normal… That jacket is too funny.
  • I feel like they should’ve given Jung Hae In’s clothes to an idol. The idols actually are dressed very normally.
Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Jung Hae In overshadowed them, so I just only saw TXT’s shoes. I thought they were crocs.
  • What’s up with Jung Hae In’s styling? LOL.
  • After I saw Jung Hae In’s neon jacket, I forgot who else was in attendance LOL.
  • FR, Dior’s menswear is so ugly.

The jacket would have been hard for even the handsomest man on earth to pull off!

Source: theqoo