Jung Jinwoon And Lee Chul Woo’s Agencies Respond To Accusations About Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom

SM Entertainment remains silent.

The investigation into Jung Joon Young‘s controversial chatrooms continues as police revealed that more celebrities were involved. The police announced that three other celebrities took part in taking, viewing, and/or sharing illegal videos of women, as well as making derogatory statements about them.


When reports claimed the three new celebrities as Singer K, Singer J, and Model L, netizens accused Super Junior‘s Kangin, Jung Jinwoon, and Lee Chul Woo as the perpetrators.

Left to right: Jung Jinwoon, Kangin, Jung Joon Young, Lee Chul Woo


One of Jung Joon Young’s chats revealed that he was in Berlin, the same time and location of when he was filming a reality show with Kangin, Jinwoon, and Lee Chul Woo.


Lee Chul Woo’s agency responded to the accusations, stating that they can’t make an official statement as of yet as they are still currently looking into the situation.

“Nothing has been confirmed from our side, so we’re unsure. We’re looking into it but we haven’t made an official statement.”

— Esteem Entertainment


Jung Jinwoon’s agency also responded with a similar statement. They explained that it’s difficult to get in touch with Jinwoon who is currently still in the military’s training program. They have not gotten in touch with him yet.

“It’s going to take us a longer time than expected to get the truth since Jinwoon is in the military. He’s still in training, so it’s hard for us to get in contact with him.

We’re unsure if he was friends with [Jung Joon Young] personally outside of filming.”

— Mystic89


Kangin’s agency, SM Entertainment, remained silent about the accusations and didn’t pick up the phone call.


However, singer Roy Kim soon revealed to have been a part of the chatrooms. Reports claim that ‘Singer K’ in the reports was Roy Kim.

Source: Spotv News and Newsen

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