Jung Joon Young’s Ex-Girlfriend Finally Reveals Why She Dropped Her Illegal Filming Charges In 2016

She regrets her decision.

Jung Joon Young‘s ex-girlfriend previously pressed charges against Jung Joon Young in 2016 for illegally filming her during a sexual situation, but ultimately dropped the charges later on. While her side at the time did not fully explain why she decided to drop the charges, she has recently spoken up about the real reason why through a YouTube video.

Back in 2016, Jung Joon Young was forward to prosecution after Ms. A charged him for illegally filming a portion of her body, but she later dropped the charges.

And 5 years later, Ms. A took to her own YouTube channel to explain her stance for the very first time. She explained that her charges were not accidental and that she only dropped them due to the advice of her counsel.

I want to take this opportunity to clarify what happened due to the misunderstandings that exist even 5 years after the incident.

The biggest reason why I dropped the charges was because, after consulting my lawyer, we came to the conclusion that due to the lack of evidence, I could very well find myself charged for false accusations.

— Ms. A

Furthermore, she also took her own circumstances into consideration.

I was also about to graduate from college. I thought it was dangerous to put myself at risk of a record with a famous celebrity before entering society.

— Ms. A

For that reason, Ms. A received an apology as well as a promise from Jung Joon Young to prevent a relapse of the incident by securing evidence that he filmed her without her permission.

However, in 2019, Jung Joon Young was accused and found guilty of operating multiple chatrooms where the members and he would film women illegally during sex and share them with each other. Upon finding out that Jung Joon Young committed the same crime on many other women, Ms. A regretted her decision to drop the charges.

If I’d known that he was so evil that he would commit those acts on so many women, I never would’ve cooperated. I was pained with regret about the fact that I failed to keep fighting and changed my stance.

— Ms. A

She concluded with words of support for the other victims.

It’s okay if you didn’t deal with it completely as a victim. And it’s not your fault that the criminal that stepped on your life is being punished. Please have hope that you’ll one day find happiness again like I did.

— Ms. A

Jung Joon Young is currently serving 5 years in prison for committing mob violence against women, and other celebrities and members who participated in the chatroom were also found guilty and sentenced.

Source: Dispatch