Jung Joon Young’s Home Searched By Police For Possible Hidden Phones

They suspect he may not have submitted all of his “golden phones”.

Jung Joon Young is currently being investigated for illegal distribution of secret camera footages through chatrooms with other famous celebrities. He has submitted 3 phones to the police so far, but the police decided to search his home in case he was still hiding others.

Three policemen were sent to search his house, and they reportedly searched for 3 hours.

“He submitted his phones for investigation but we decided to take the precaution to make sure there weren’t any other phones involved.”

— Police

After being investigated for 21 hours, Jung Joon Young was released from the police station. On his way out, he claimed that he submitted all “golden phones” and cooperated with the police truthfully.

“I answered truthfully. And I’ve submitted everything related to the ‘golden phone’ issue. I told them everything. I’m sorry for causing this issue.”

— Jung Joon Young

The “golden phones” term arose from Radio Star when Jung Joon Young and Zico talked about a secret phone that was only used for KakaoTalk chatrooms. Those phones are speculated to be the devices used to circulate illegal hidden camera photos and footages.

So far, Jung Joon Young has submitted 3 phones. He submitted the new phone that he allegedly switched 2 weeks ago, the phone he used before the switch, and the “golden phone” that was only used for KakaoTalk.

The police did not release any statement regarding the results of their home search.

Source: Newsis

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