GOT7 BamBam’s Comment About How J.Y. Park Treated Him Just After Debut Shocks Fans

BamBam was 16 years old when GOT7 debuted.

While GOT7 are currently focused on individual activities as members serve out their mandatory enlistments, they have continued to make an impact as a group. This is due, in part, to how the group managed to leave JYP Entertainment but continue activities together successfully.

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Their departure was greatly celebrated by fans who held many grievances against the company, Division 2, and J.Y. Park, who was involved in the group’s creation and musical activities.

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Recently, J.Y. Park appeared on BamBam‘s Bam House program, where the two discussed their shared history and more.

BamBam begins the episode by stating that he has a long history with the upcoming guest and that he considers him his “start.” He then reveals that the person is J.Y. Park.

He expresses surprise that he is appearing on the show and even expresses his nerves about filming a dance challenge with the artist.

It was BamBam’s next statement that left many surprised. BamBam mentions that at the time of GOT7’s debut, he was “in charge of rap,” something he found difficult due to his Korean ability.  BamBam shares that at one point, J.Y. Park told him that he wanted “to throw you inside a trash bin.

BamBam laughed as he shared the story, but this combined with J.Y. Park’s initial “negative” opinion of BamBam he shared later in the show…

…left many fans upset. This is likely, in part, due to BamBam being 16 at the time of GOT7’s debut.

J.Y. Park shared how he really feels about GOT7 these days later on in the episode, which you can read about below.

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