J.Y. Park Stops His Concert When He Encounters Two Unexpected “Stage Crashers”

They may be the only “stage crashers” who won’t face repercussions 😂

J.Y. Park (also known as Park Jin Young), a veteran soloist and the founder of JYP Entertainment, is known to seek near-perfection in his own performances and the performances of artists under JYP Entertainment.

J.Y. Park critiquing a strong performance from ITZY 

His strict and unrelenting guidelines for artists recently made their way to fans when J.Y. Park started a “Groove Back” dance challenge on social media for his new single. His constructive feedback on fans’ dancing earned mixed reactions and further solidified his need for “perfection.”

Knowing J.Y. Park’s high standards for performance, fans may have been surprised by his reaction when his recent solo concert was interrupted by two unexpected “stage crashers.”

J.Y. Park recently held year-end concerts from December 22-25, and the show had numerous celebrity attendees, including members of Stray Kids and DAY6, Sunmi, G.Soul, and more.

(From left to right) Stray Kids’ Felix, J.Y. Park, and Stray Kids’ Changbin at J.Y. Park’s “Groove Back” concert | @asiansoul_jyp/Instagram

J.Y. Park recently shared a clip of the two “stage crashers,” who may have been the veteran artist’s most important guests.

In the clip, J.Y. Park stood alone on stage, preparing for his next song. With his eyes closed, all he could hear was the crowd’s cheers growing louder as they saw what he couldn’t.

When he opened his eyes to see what was causing the excited cheers, his heart also melted at the sight of the “stage crasher.” It was none other than his young daughter!

J.Y. Park quickly walked across the stage to meet her and heartwarmingly pulled her into a hug.

They were then joined by another adorable “stage crasher,” his second daughter!

After a touching moment shared on stage where J.Y. Park transformed from singer to father, he gently and sweetly sent them back to the side of the stage. They cutely ran back to where they had a VIP view of the show.

On social media, J.Y. Park captioned the moment, “First ever pleasant show stoppage♡,” and it’s easy to see why!

Check out the full adorable moment below!

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