JYJ’s Jaejoong Is A Certified ARMY, And Named His BTS Bias

He revealed his BTS bias!

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong is a longtime BTS fan, and he just confirmed who his bias is!


Jaejoong has talked about his love for BTS and their music before, such as by posting on his Instagram story how much he loves RM ‘s “Seoul” (a song from his mixtape mono)…

…and also showed love to Jin‘s solo song, “Tonight”!

Jaejoong recently held a Q&A session on his Instagram stories, and given how he’s shown love for the group before, a fan couldn’t resist asking him about BTS!

Do you like BTS?

To this question, Jaejoong cheekily responded with,

I like Jimin


Fans everywhere are loving his answer!

Well, who doesn’t like Jimin?!