JYJ’s Jaejoong Has Officially Fallen Down The BTS Rabbit Hole

His inner ARMY jumped out during a Q&A.

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has confirmed what fans have been suspecting: he’s now a BTS fan!


When K-Pop generations collide, fans get all the feels. There’s just something special about veteran idols showing support for today’s idols, and vice versa.


On July 23, Jaejoong posted a story to his Instagram that features “Seoul”, a song from BTS RM’s 2018 mixtape, mono. “Seoul” added the perfect atmosphere to Jaejoong’s leisurely ride through city traffic.


Soon after, Jaejoong posted another story featuring a BTS member’s solo work. He listened to Jin‘s song, “Tonight”.


On August 4, Jaejoong showed all his ARMY colors during this Q&A. When he was asked to name an artist he’s been listening to, Jaejoong couldn’t say “BTS” fast enough!


Now that his inner fanboy’s out, fans are crossing their fingers for a Jaejoong x BTS interaction or, better yet, a collaboration!